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The Period Pouch, Pocket, Necessaire with your own text

The Period Pouch, Pocket, Necessaire with your own text

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The Period Pouch / period kit / period pack - a small bag that holds the stuff that you might need for a period.

So if you're a parent, it is a bag that your child will use to manage their period when they are out of the house. They might keep it in their school bag, gym bag, or in their locker at school.

Get one for yourself or turn that frown around on your teen with a cool and punchy text like this. 

3 styles to choose from:

Flat Pouch H 17cm, L 23cm, W 0.5cm

Midi: H 13.6cm, L 22.8cm, W 5.5cm

Box: H 10.5cm, L 18cm, W 7.7cm


You can also create your own pouch, personalise it with your own text in any language you like.

Perfect gift for travellers, sport, school, beach days, bridal team, events etc.  

This product is hand made in Switzerland.  

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