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Silk Satin Eye Masks | Wedding Eye Masks

Silk Satin Eye Masks | Wedding Eye Masks

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Do you want to enjoy a restful sleep without any distractions? Do you want to pamper your skin and hair while you snooze? If so, you need a silk satin eye mask!
Silk satin eye masks are soft, smooth, and gentle on your eyes and face. They block out the light and create a cozy environment for your dreams. They also help to prevent wrinkles, facial creases, dryness, and frizz caused by friction and moisture loss.

Whether you need a silk satin eye mask for travel, meditation, or everyday use, you will love the benefits of this luxurious accessory. Treat yourself or someone special to a silk satin eye mask today and experience the difference!

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  • Soft silky smooth material
  • Eye mask sits snug on the face and has soft cushioning inside to provide black out and a restful sleep, keeping you comfortable without harming your face or hair.
  • One size adults
  • Personalisation is optional vinyl available in Silver, Gold, Black & White.
  • Product shipped and packed from Switzerland 


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